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Corporate Energy Audit

SIA 'LBRA' Inspection is one of seven companies in the country that is accredited to perform corporate energy audits (accreditation no. I-498).

A corporate energy audit is a procedure conducted in large industry companies to obtain information about all structures of the company's energy consumption. It identifies numerically viable energy saving opportunities, and the results are compiled in the corporate energy audit report prepared and issued by the company.


To obtain information on the actual energy consumption of a building or group of buildings in industrial or commercial operations, as well as to numerically determine the possibilities for energy savings.

Regarding Corporate Energy Audit:

A corporate energy audit is a comprehensive distribution of energy consumed by buildings, engineering systems, production equipment and apparatus, as well as transportation provision under a company's management. A corporate energy audit is a significant step for every company, regardless of its size and type, to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve cost savings.

Based on the distribution of consumed energy, energy auditors, in collaboration with industry company technologists, develop technically and economically justified solutions for energy saving opportunities, as well as for increasing the productivity of produced goods with unchanged or reduced energy consumption.

The energy audit procedure is based on data about consumed energy submitted by the client, as well as on measurements conducted on-site. The consumed electricity for equipment and lighting over a specific period is assessed.

After obtaining information on the energy consumed by the company, energy auditors compile the company's energy balance and formulate technically and economically justified recommendations and an energy audit report, which is submitted to the State Bureau of Construction Inspection.

Benefits of conducting a corporate energy audit include:

  1. Measurable information on energy use and consumption, as well as its monitoring;

  2. The report includes information for the previous two years.

  3. Minimal employee involvement is required;

  4. It needs to be conducted only once every four years;

  5. Completion within 1 month (from receipt of documentation);

  6. Compliance with the Energy Efficiency Law requirements.

Cost of a Corporate Energy Audit:

The price for a corporate energy audit depends on the size of the company, the number of components reviewed, and the volume of available data. For example, if a company only owns office spaces but is obliged to conduct an audit due to its turnover or number of employees, the audit cost would start from 1500 EUR. For larger consumers, the audit costs start from 2500,00 EUR excluding VAT. However, costs are determined individually for each client, taking into account the specifics of the company.

The main advantage of a corporate energy audit is that it is required only once every four years, thus avoiding annual service costs.

Often, large electricity consumers mistakenly conduct a corporate energy audit even though their own consumption is below 500 MWh/year. More information on this can be found in the section "Electricity Balance Compilation".

You can learn about our projects and customer feedback here: Feedback

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