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"The bank needed to conduct an energy audit within a very limited timeframe, and LBRA did it quickly and professionally."

The bank’s building needed an energy audit to meet the State Bureau of Construction Inspection's Energy Efficiency Law requirements. Moreover, the bank has several areas where we see the need to reduce energy resource consumption, for example, adjusting the main chiller of the air cooling system for winter mode, replacing the current lighting with LED lighting, optimizing the heating system by installing a meter, etc. The company we used previously was not ready to do it so quickly and recommended LBRA. One of the main conditions for our choice was that LBRA is a certified energy audit company. As an energy industry specialist, I can say that LBRA works professionally. During the work process, we actively communicated with the team; the communication was very prompt and understandable to us. The team understood our wishes and specifics - in the initial energy audit project, we made only a few corrections from our side. We received a practical and justified report from LBRA - guidelines on how we can improve energy efficiency in the bank's building. It will be very useful in our operations. Moreover, we met the deadline. We are satisfied with the professionally performed work by LBRA. Thank you!

Artis Lazda, Energy Specialist at Privat Investment, managing AS Privat Bank


"We chose LBRA because we had previously successfully collaborated, and their price offer was one of the best."

We are a company with high energy resource consumption, involved in agriculture – milk and cheese production, as well as a cogeneration station. Legislation requires that an energy audit be conducted periodically. We chose LBRA because this company had previously conducted an energy audit for us, and we knew we could trust them. From the previous energy audit, we have implemented various solutions in the company that help save energy resources. This energy audit helped us identify areas where we can still improve. Working with LBRA, the most pleasant aspect is communication. It is very prompt; we always receive clear answers to our questions, and the work is done professionally and on time. We wish LBRA to continue working with the same attitude as before, as Latvian companies need such professional energy audit services.

Intars Teterovskis, Financial Project Manager at SIA “Vecsiljāņi”


"We chose LBRA again to conduct our company's energy audit because the previous audit was professional and useful to us. Again, we are very satisfied with the result and will collaborate again in the future."

LBRA's approach is very professional; they delve into the company's situation, communicate responsively, and meet deadlines. We conducted an energy audit of the company because it is required by law. However, nowadays, with rising energy resource costs, it is especially important for large companies as it really helps to reduce energy resource consumption and, accordingly, costs. Following LBRA's energy audit, we implemented various energy efficiency measures, such as pipe insulation, window and lighting replacement. As a result, heat loss was reduced, which logically is also reflected in the numbers. The cost of an energy audit nowadays is not cheap for any company. But choosing LBRA, you pay for a quality service, and it is a valuable investment.

Diāna Popova, Deputy Technical Director at A/S Ventspils zivju konservu kombināts

"We developed excellent chemistry with LBRA. We are satisfied with the energy audit conducted for the Mego store network."

We had previously had a good experience with LBRA - they conducted an energy balance for group companies. Therefore, we unhesitatingly invited them for an energy audit of the Mego store network. LBRA did extensive work – surveying 92 of our company's sites all over Latvia. Most of the sites were surveyed in person. We liked their humane attitude; they really delved into what they were doing and worked with great dedication. The prices for their services are also adequate. We had previously worked with another energy audit company – they did not have the same interest, and their prices, in our opinion, were very high. We conducted the energy audit to meet legislative requirements. However, LBRA provided many professional and valuable recommendations on how to reduce energy resource consumption, which are very useful to us.

Aigars Maskalāns, Occupational Safety and Fire Safety Specialist at SIA LENOKA


LBRA conducted an energy audit for the “Galleria Riga” company with a professional approach – they delved into the company's processes and provided valuable recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

We had previously worked with LBRA and were convinced of their professionalism and responsible approach. Among certified energy audit companies, LBRA offered the lowest price. We appreciated that LBRA conducted the energy audit not just formally but with in-depth analysis and research to provide valuable recommendations for improving energy efficiency. We gained insights for the future, such as how to improve the ventilation system to make it more energy-efficient. LBRA also recommended their partners in Finland who could carry out additional energy efficiency measures for our company in the future. We have recommended LBRA to our partners, confident in their professionalism.

Janis Ungurs, Technical Manager of the Gallerija Riga shopping center


"LBRA conducted a real energy audit study, surveying about half of the 100 VIADA fuel stations on-site.

We appreciate that LBRA conducted the energy audit not from the office, but their specialists conducted on-site research to provide recommendations on how to actually reduce energy resource consumption. As with any large company, 'VIADA BALTIJA' had to conduct a regular energy audit to meet legislative requirements. However, our goal was also to understand how we could reduce consumption. LBRA's energy audit gave us a lot of valuable information on how to save, for example, by using alternative energy sources like solar panels. The team works very professionally, friendly, and communicates responsively with the client, meeting the agreed deadlines. We appreciate LBRA as professionals in their field and recommend them to companies that truly want to reduce energy resource consumption."

Janis Paeglis, Project Manager at AS “VIADA Baltija”

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"We announced a proposal for conducting an energy audit, LBRA offered the most acceptable price and fully met our conditions."

We conducted an energy audit of the hospital's buildings to meet regulatory requirements and get an idea of what measures need to be taken to achieve real energy resource savings. We chose the company LBRA because it is certified. The team worked smoothly and professionally - surveyed the buildings on site and prepared a report on what energy efficiency measures we should implement, for example, replacing the heating boiler for Aknīste hospital, insulating the facade, and replacing windows, and how much it would cost us to implement these measures. This document will be very useful to us, as at the appropriate time we can start step by step to implement energy efficiency measures. An energy audit requires certain financial investments, but I am convinced that, by implementing the recommended measures, the investment in the energy audit will pay off.

Anita Mikučanova, Executive Director of Daugavpils State Psychoneurological Hospital


"We especially appreciate that LBRA specialists explained to us in understandable language where we can save and reduce energy resource consumption."

As a large company engaged in the production and wholesale of drinking water and non-alcoholic beverages, we periodically have to conduct an energy audit. Our company's management was also keen to understand how we could reduce energy resource consumption, especially considering the rapid increase in prices. LBRA surveyed our company's equipment and premises several times and made calculations. They did their work correctly and professionally. We were pleased with LBRA specialists' interest in our situation and responsiveness when we asked questions and needed more thorough explanations. I recommend companies that want to learn how to save energy resources to entrust the energy audit to LBRA. This company can indeed provide valuable and practically applicable advice.

Olga Ņemčonoka, Chief Accountant at SIA Link Vest


"The collaboration with SIA “LBRA” was successful, and all the requirements of regulatory acts and good professional practices were met."

Riga municipality agency “Rīgas gaisma” certifies that a contract was signed with AS “Altum” on November 28, 2022, “For the provision of an energy grant to the agency to conduct a lighting energy audit.” The energy audit was carried out by SIA “LBRA”. The service was provided in accordance with the agency's task, contract terms, and work schedule. The collaboration between the agency and SIA “LBRA” was successful, and all requirements of regulatory acts and good professional practices were met.

A.Klinklāva-Dimante, Acting Director of Riga municipality agency "Rīgas gaisma"

Kanāla apst.Basteja b, Valdem,Raiņa,Brīvības.jpg

"LBRA conducted an energy audit for Cēsis Meat Factory within a very limited timeframe - within two weeks. Thanks to them, we met the deadline before the previous energy audit expired. Thank you!"

Cēsis Meat Factory needed to conduct an energy audit. Moreover, it had to be done very urgently, as the expiration date of the previous energy audit was rapidly approaching. Among the companies that are certified and entitled to conduct an energy audit, we chose LBRA because it responded more promptly to our price request. The initial correspondence was very correct, convincing us that the company was interested and professionally understood the industry. Initially, a LBRA representative came to our company, conducted a survey, obtained data, and asked professional questions to our specialists regarding electricity, water supply, etc. We then communicated via emails, and that was done very promptly from both sides. The energy audit was fully conducted in about two weeks, precisely as agreed. From LBRA specialists, we also received valuable recommendations on how we can save energy resources in the company, for example, by replacing equipment, improving cooling system elements, including introducing solar panels in the future. Thank you, LBRA, for your professional, prompt, and interested work.

Haralds Gailišs, Production


"LBRA conducted an energy audit for an oil company's 23-hectare area, which includes several buildings, production facilities, pump stations, etc. They performed their work very professionally – swiftly and with an understanding of our company's specifics."

We chose LBRA for the energy audit because it is a certified company for such audits. I believe this company fully meets all quality criteria – they communicate with the client promptly, carry out a quick and thoughtful work process, and their specialists understand our specific industry.

The energy audit in our company was focused not only on electricity consumption but also on reducing fuel consumption, as we use commercial transport for oil product transportation. We received a recommendation to train our drivers in economical driving of commercial transport, and we have already included this suggestion in our company's work plans.

We are completely satisfied with the work of the LBRA team. Thank you!

Jeļena Stelmašenko, Chief Engineer at SIA “Pirmas” Olaine Oil Base"


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