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Make your business sustainable and competitive by improving its energy efficiency!

Companies, by improving energy efficiency, gain not only savings in energy resources. Currently, this offers businesses many new opportunities for development and sustainability. “It must be acknowledged that many companies are unaware of these opportunities and do not utilize them,” explains the board member of the accredited energy efficiency company “LBRA,” MSC. Ing. Zanda Jansone...

Our services

Our Servuces
Consultations on Energy Efficiency and ISO Standards

Determining energy efficiency measures, developing technical and economic justifications, preparing applications for EU fund co-financing. Consultations on various ISO standards (14001, 9001, 50001).

Public Procurement

Consultations related to procurement procedures (preparation of procurement regulations, offers, and submissions) in accordance with the Public Procurement Law.

Environmental Protection and SEGEmissions Assessment

Preparation of environmental impact assessments, submissions for A, B, C category polluting activities.

Company and Building Energy Audits

A company energy audit is a significant step for every business, regardless of its size and type, to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve cost savings. We conduct energy audits for buildings owned by merchants.

Electricity Balance Compilation

Compiling an electricity balance to determine a merchant’s direct self-consumption, considering the volume of electricity consumed and supplied.

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